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    §Serving businesses in the local Lake Tahoe, Reno, & Carson Valley Region since 1999
§Serving the Western US region for over 20years: San Francisco Bay Area; Sacramento; Los Angeles; Denver,Co; Portand,Or; Vancouver,Wa,...
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Network Systems Design,       
Installation, Service

     Planning out new systems, upgrading old ones... we are implementing more dynamic and efficient network and pc communications systems solutions for small businesses throughout many cities. With the advent of newer internet technologies in recent years, we have migrated many of our existing client's networks off the use of expensive phone (and other somewhat combersome and limiting) communications systems, and many are taking advantage of growing low-cost high-bandwidth (read ..high-speed) solutions ...adding new strength to their businesses in creative ways. 
     Until recent years, more "full-featured" solutions utilizing "internet technologies" have been largely out of the reach of most small and mid-sized business' budgets; or the budgetable solutions have been so complex that limited deployment of services was all a small to mid-sized business could hope for.  **My company offers the professional leverage you need to take optimum advantage of these technologies with a serious mind toward your goals ...and your budget. The sections below provide a general overview of various aspects of these technologies, their value to you, and what my company can offer you.

Remote Access Systems        
     It used to be that "remote network access" for smaller businesses was rather expensive, or considered "elite" ...limited deployment with high reoccurring monthly fees is what you could expect, with larger corporate businesses being the only ones to really be able to take full advantage of the available technologies. If you tried utilizing the internet for remote access services (say, migrating from a large phone system), it required expensive hookups, it wasn't all that fast, bandwidth was more limited than today, ...and if you wanted good security, well that was (and still can be) really expensive to address.
     We have managed to assemble an association of services which can provide your network, even the smallest, with just about limitless possibilities at a fraction of what it used to cost, or could cost with poor (inexperienced) management. Wise network managers are taking their small to mid-sized business clients to places they only ever could have imagined until recent years.
     **Imagine having the capability of placing any or all of your computers online ....for internet access, two-way secure communications and data-transfer with remote computers, free long-distance for your whole office, paperless fax management, instant access to your business data anytime from anywhere, very low-cost yet efficient telecommuting ...this kind of business muscle is no longer reserved for Fortune 500 caliber companies.  I can take you there.
Security Firewalls - Protection ...and... Virus/Hack Attack Recovery
     Part of the large expense of taking advantage of internet technologies for managing your wide area network communications is dealing with security. Hackers and would-be attackers are constantly monitoring the internet for activity and weaknesses to exploit. Without a managed "firewall" system your activity and data are exposed and vulnerable. *Security is a foremost concern when considering opening up your computer network to utilize global communications systems, or even setting up private-circuit wide area networks (which can be rather expensive). A mid-sized business can be looking at spending literally tens of thousands of dollars on costs associated with planning, implementation, and servicing of even the simplest security system, and in many cases this has been the main insurmountable cost holding back the average business from taking advantage of more sophisticated technology.
     **Professional Security systems are still fairly expensive, this has not changed much, however, there are professional solutions available at a fraction of the usual costs which are suitable for small to mid-sized business needs, but resourcing such solutions requires special talent. While your network administrator(s) may be very good at what they do, they don't necessarily have the specialized skills to address the complexities of tapping into modern communications resources and dealing properly with security (firewall) management. Typically businesses hire out separately for this sort of service. 
     **I specialize in these technologies ...because I have had to, and for many years. Along with my associates, we handle many businesses, especially in the legal and medical industries, all over the west coast who require security features on all fronts, and many of them are smaller operations with only a handful of computers, so we have had to resource creative solutions for them so they could use this technology and stay competitive. As well, for larger firms, we have had to manage complex wide area closed circuit networks, with several offices connected between remote cities, also managing their remote access and telecommuting needs... making sure they have all the resources available to manage their businesses efficiently, and the security to make it plausible. 
     We also provide **Virus and Hack-attack diagnoses and recovery services. No security solution is 100% effective. If your computers are utilizing the internet and/or other forms of communications services, they are exposed to viruses and hacking... its not a question of "if", its only a matter of "when" you will experience a security breach or data failure of some kind. It goes with the business, so we have the experience and resources to help you address these problems when they crop up.
Data Management Systems, Programming, Applications Customization
     If you are utilizing a network, no doubt your are managing "shared data" on a "central server." Making that data available to everyone interactively requires what we call a shared "front-end user interface" ...so when users have access, they all have the same interface and tools available for managing that data. More importantly, data management systems usually take into account controlling who has access to what, inventory systems, calandaring people and product schedules, marketing strategies over the course of the year, along with so many other things, ...maybe the most important of which is how these various aspects are cross-integrated.  Most small businesses use many different application-products which do not "inter-act", thus making business management a tedious, time-wasting, and inefficient affair. Add internet marketing and e-commerce to the equation and things become even more complex. Integrating your Office PC-Application tools and data can be vital for business adminstration!
     Because our client's needs are almost always about managing their business needs more efficiently by utililzing computer technologies, networking solutions are only one aspect of the services we need to provide... that is the communications aspect of the business. When it gets down to it though, managing your business is all about how the data access and time schedules are being managed, so really, a great deal of what we do is design and implement data management systems.
     **If you need or are thinking about implementing, changing, or expanding upon your current data and/or Database Systems Management, you have found the right place. In hand with this, I also provide various types of Applications Customization (such as for Microsoft Office, Corel Wordperfect Office, and other product suites, etc) which could include such things as customized, and automated, forms, etc.;  and I provide other types of Programming Services as well (such as Visual Basic, SQL, FoxPro, plus others).
Websites, e-Commerce, WebApplications        
     I have been involved in Web Development since early 1990. I was involved in eCommerce Solutions when they were first emerging, so I have intimate experience and knowledge in this technology from the ground up. I am fluent in DHTML, Javascript, Cold Fusion, SQL, PHP, and have "dabbled" in a host of other things like ASP, Flash, etc.  I have intimate technical knowledge of "diverse web-server deployment structures" for architecting and deploying professional business websites. If you need a website solution, you have come to the right place.
     You may be reading this thinking, "this guy lists quite a number of services ...is he one of those jack-of-all trades / master-of-none types?" Please review my "about me" page.... you'll see that I have been in this business for over twenty years, and where it has taken me.  (You can also take a peek at more of a resume here.) A lot of interesting things have happened in the electronics industry during that time, and being involved in resourcing "IT" solutions for small businesses has always been a focus and has taken me into several distinct branches, and has wrought well-rounded professional relationships. After all, if you look at the compliment of services offered here you will realize that they are all inter-related and ultimately necessary.
     My focus is bringing together and integrating computer resources for wholistic solutions for small business people, so my experience has taken me into each of these fields of endeavor as my business has grown over the years. So yes, I build sites and implement e-commerce solutions as well as providing network and data management solutions. Of course, where your business needs may exceed my capacity I bring in and co-ordinate the services of other professional associates with their own distinctive talents and resources. This is not a one-man-band or fly-by-night operation...  
     Together we make your business resources work better for you, so you can do more business   ...confidently, effectively, and competitively.  Maybe more importantly, we place high-tech solutions within the grasp of smaller scale companies allowing them to compete with large corporate peers on more equal footing. With professional management of your computer resources, you can do so much more with your current business, and it doesn't have to be budget-busting.

Network "Electronic Faxing" + "Telephony" via the Net
     **FREE LONG-DISTANCE** for your business!

Network Faxing:    You can now electronically manage all of your office faxing, without being limited by fax machines and paper, for a fraction of what it cost only a year ago for such systems. Send and Receive faxes with any computer (Mac or PC) on your network, and Manage all of your fax communications centrally from one server. No need for extra phone lines, modems, expensive switch banks or terminals, paper limitations, or busy signals for outgoing or incoming faxes...
    Business fax needs are very unique, from one business to the next, that's why there are so many different types of fax technology out there... there is no "one size fits all" in this arena. I have extensive knowledge regarding new age fax technologies..., if your business fax needs are expanding, I can help properly evaluate, and suit your business in, a system that is right for your needs... and potentially save you, literally, many thousands of dolllars.

Network Voice Telephony:    One of the hot things we have been implementing in the last three years is setting up office computers with voice telephony ...right through the existing internet connection for the network. This is saving some businesses literally thousands of dollars in phone bills per month!!  Make a lot of long distance calls for your business operations? Are you paying for it? Ask me about free internet telephony for your business.

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