*Publish Your Work!*       These days, if you don't have a lot of money, or connections, or something spectacular that just happens to get picked up by the media, it can seem almost impossible to publish your own work (unless you are rich).
      Editors these days are more major marketing managers than anything else. Its not like the old days where you could hope that if the editor liked it, that would be good enough. And that's not to mention difficulties with vanity press.
      Publishing a book is not only a lot of work, it is a lot of time, material$, and marketing + distribution high hurdles. If you have any experience, you already know that a publishing project can cost tens of thousands of dollars!

If You Don't Know About Secured Paperless Publishing,
You Are Missing Out On A Huge Opportunity.
I hate to say beware of others... be aware for yourself.

Hawkeye Technical Services

Tens of Thousands of Dollars You Say?!
Where'd you come up with that?

HOLD ON A MINUTE... There's so much to tell you and so little time to GET YOUR ATTENTION. So what I'm going to do first is lay out some links to what I've got for you on this page, and I suggest you browse through here a little before you check out the main pitch.

Now please read on, ...or if you want to cut right to the "meat and potatoes" (the first serving), follow the link just up ahead. It is a PDF document and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01+ installed to view it. If you don't already have it installed you can get it here for free.. If you need more help with installing it please see this on my home page.

Now, here's a little something I whipped up which is excerpted from a proposal I put together to obtain investor interest. It spells out the Concept of Electronic Books, the Advantages, and an intro to an Investment Strategy.
     Depending on who you are and why you are here, interests will vary. I am still looking for backing, but the bottom line is this technology is available for anyone to exploit right now, and I have good understanding and experience for taking advantage of this from the top down ...and the bottom up.

So if you want to publish your work, or even if you are already published, I can help you utilize this electronic medium to your advantage and, not only for a lot less cost than it would take through the medium of paper, but also saving you the hassles of getting tied into wastefully (and woefully!) expensive Internet Merchant Setups. (More on this later.)

As well, if you want to look deeper into this as an investment opportunity I'd enjoy to speaking with you. (More on this later, too.) So here you go -
MEAT and POTATOES HERE. {If you're vegetarian please substitute "Bee Pollen and Spirulina"... or whatever your favorite vegetables are! You'll find no prejudices here - all are welcome ;-} If your browser doesn't cut it or you would prefer to read the material offline in Acrobat Reader, hold your mouse down on the link until the 'contextual menu' pops up, then select the 'save link' feature (labelled differently for different browsers) to save it to your hard drive.

Please remember I'm just beginning to get this site up, there's more to come. If you are seriously interested in what I have to offer please or contact me through any of the methods made available to you anywhere on this site.

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There Are Basically Four Ways to Get Published...

Anyone reading this who has been there knows that a minimal self-publishing effort runs about $17,000 to $23,000+. You can easily spend upwards of $30,000, and many people do. That covers the costs of materials and development and some aspects of your own bootstrap efforts to market your work. What you get is so many boxes of finished paper-bound books (costs are typesetting, layout, artwork [if any - usually at least the cover], the printing plates created to do the run, paper, processing (cutting, binding, packaging, etc..), the printer's other miscellaneous charges, ...give your local printer outfits a call and ask them what the general costs are for a small run of about a 200 page book :-), .....and you get your books which you take around to your local (and distant) bookstores and distributors, hopefully negotiating some shelf space which you can purchase, and hopefully you have a marketing and press plan to get yourself noticed.
Oh, and don't forget, your profit on the yield of each book sold is reduced not only by each of these parties which take their cut, but also by the limitations of the volume you can afford to initially invest in. ...And then what about all those copies sitting in the closet collecting dust later?!

Or maybe you get an agent. Now your costs are running between, say, from 17 or 20 grand to about $35,000 or $50,000 and up. Maybe you can get an agent to carry you (finance the project, all or partially). That's cool if you can swing it. The challenge there is fitting in not only with their flavor of books they promote, but your work needs to slot in with their bi-annual promotional engagement with the publishing houses and the general market. What this means is, because they have a budget and the book industry has a seasonal target for marketing and media promotion, they have to be far-sighted and very choosy about who they put their money behind. Oh yeah, starting at this level, if you haven't already done so in the previous scenario, you will most likely to be working with a ghost writer as well. Unless you are a professional, a ghost writer can render your home spun materials into a more graceful and professionally presentable state.

Of course, maybe an agent can get an editor of an adequate or better publishing company interested in your work. Great. Maybe they carry the expense, or maybe they'll share it with you. The costs are going to be about (or at least) twice as much as previously mentioned in this case, basically because the publishing house will print more books and spend more money on your marketing + distribution + media promotion. They won't take on your work if they don't see a potential market to exploit with your work. There are millions of writers... its hard to "get in". And they almost always don't handle "vanity press" (an example of vanity press is some "john doe unknown" who writes a book about his hobby or his dog or something like that).

There are many people who have relied upon being discovered. Basically they got their book out by their own bootstrap efforts, and the timing was just right and they got noticed. Noticed means, the locals were finding this book in the stores where the individual had put his/her money to shelve and promote it, and they liked it, and the word spread around.... and some editor got wind of this sudden growing interest in this book. So the editor approaches the writer and negotiates a book deal. Bang, "Conversations with God", "Celestine Prophesy", "Moby Dick" (just kidding there)... but you get the picture. In the book industry - Timing is everything .

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Getting "Seen"...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a good shot at being discovered without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars? I mean who among the common people can ever hope to pull that off without risking everything, even if they could afford it? And if you think you're going to be able to just go to one of these eBook Publishing Houses and pave a trail for yourself ...well you'd better look carefully into that before taking the plunge.

I don't have much to say about how important "getting noticed" by a publisher somehow can be to your potential success -- this simply could be the very key to your success or failure, and it is and has been for many. There are, of course, those who are doing their own business, and publishing works successfully in tandem with that business. And then there are those who simply want to put their work out there without a care for fame or fortune. Hey, there are more than "four basic ways" to approach this. So it isn't like this is "the answer" for everyone... but it is not only an answer for a select niche of the populace either. In fact, the electronic medium has a lot to offer that paper simply cannot, but I am sidetracking now. You can read all about that in the Concept and Advantages of Electronic Book Publishing PDF Document. (Note: Those of you with slower computers may enjoy speedier viewing by saving the document to disk and then opening it from there - it should automatically open up in Acrobat reader. Hold your mouse down on the link to get the "save" command from the "contextual menu")

What is the most important... is getting noticed, period. You want your work(s) seen and recognized, and if you don't have the means available to put your work on display, and money is what stands in the way of many, then your work will ever go unnoticed and insignificant. And I cannot think of a more affordable method for the average citizen to put themselves out there in the public eye than Paperless Publishing ...and not only that, utilizing the Internet puts your work out GLOBALLY at a fraction of what it would cost you through (heretofore) conventional means. This is the plain and simple truth, but as unrevelatory as this is, it needs to be stated and recognized for the critical importance it represents to your bottom line effort in handling your 'works'.

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Security Issues...

Here's the deal, eBooks have been very popular for Corporate uses and other specific Professional Publisher's uses for some time now. You'll understand why when read my Concept and Advantages of Electronic Book Publishing PDF Document. However, eBooks have been largely unpopular with the general public and the Professional Publishing Houses for use as a medium for "public works" because of two things basically ...the newness (and therefore crudeness) of the technology, and the lack of Security Features. Up until during the last year there was no good method for securing electronic media. However, e-media is being refined and proliferating at a rampant rate, and further on here I'll talk a little bit about the current state of the 'market' - where things are going with this.

Again, I don't have too much to say (outright) on this topic (but don't get me started on Internet security issues - that's a whole other can of worms... later I'll post something on the site here regarding this too)... but you need to know that if you put 'unsecured' works out there on the internet that's it. Someone will post it to a usenet group or begin freely circulating it through other channels and that'll be "all she wrote", as the saying goes. And who's to stop anyone from copying your media onto other disks and "sharing" it that way once its out? Well just as it "used to be" easy to do that with video tape but its not easy now, the same goes for e-media now... if its handled properly (and I am surprised at the number of outfits that don't address this at all!). Again, it is important that I at least bring up security because it is another key issue to address when considering the electronic medium for your works.

One other thing I'll mention regarding security and having your work stolen. With paper books, people buy them, then they loan them out, but they rarely will go through the trouble to actually copy them. So although some people get your book for free (which typically would be considered a "lost sale"), what's actually happening is some of that "overflow" is actually "getting you seen." So some amount of free stuff of yours that gets around is actually good for you ...this promotes sales. And remember, many people who borrow a good book want to go out and "get their own copy" later - happens all the time. However, if your electronic works are too easily accessible then you are going to lose A LOT. Now some people might hack into your "secured" work and steal it, or share it... but for the relatively small amount of this that may be able to transpire, its just the same as the paper medium, really.

And on that note, I really need to point you to the " Concept and Advantages of Electronic Book Publishing" document I have to share with you. Now is a good time to read it... There's some good clear information in there as to the significance this all has. (Note: those of you with slower computers may enjoy speedier viewing by saving the document to disk and then opening it from there - it should automatically open up in Acrobat reader. Hold your mouse down on the link to get the "save" command from the "contextual menu".)

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Current Trends in the Industry... where things are headed......

Coming soon....


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